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d'origine : Israêl
mise à jour : 30 déc 2016
Demande de développement de recherche
H2020 FET Open: SUPREME (Under-Ground Exploration Muon)
Israeli R&D oriented SME and leading provider of an innovative Cosmic Ray Muons Detection Technologies is looking for partners to complete a proposal to develop and demonstrate muon detector technologies for mineral exploration. The company offers its cutting edge eco-green and passive detection technology and expertise tailored for variety of muon imaging solutions (1) Shipping containers and vehicles (2) Underground mining exploration (e.g. minerals) (3) Large geological or civil objects.

Type de partenariat : Research cooperation agreement

d'origine : Allemagne
mise à jour : 2 mar 2015
Demande de développement de recherche
H2020-SC5-11e-2015 New metallurgical systems: Seeking work package leader for technology transfer
A consortium of 10 organisations (R&D institutes, universities and industry/SME mainly from Germany, UK and France) are looking for an additional partner to perform technology transfer activities in the realm of the project's exploitations and dissemination of results strategy. The project aims to develop new approach for low-intensity processing including the use of cost-efficient materials in the area of biomining.

Type de partenariat : Research Cooperation Agreement

d'origine : Espagne
mise à jour : 14 jan 2015
Demande de développement de recherche
H2020-SPIRE-7–2015: Construction and validation of a process for extraction of valuable metals
A Spanish University is willing to submit a H2020-SPIRE-7-2015 proposal project. The project aims to develop novel approaches for treating different low grade pyritic deposits. A mining company equipped with logistic services and laboratories with an available space in their facilities is being sought for the construction of a pilot demonstration plant.

Type de partenariat : Research Cooperation Agreement

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