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d'origine : Espagne
mise à jour : 21 jan 2016
Demande de développement de recherche
H2020-MSCA-RISE-2016. Medical imaging agents based on gadolinium - manufacturer SME is being sought for a staff exchange proposal.
A Spanish university is willing to submit a H2020-MSCA-RISE (staff exchange) project proposal. The aim of the project is to develop and validate an efficient and cost-effective process to remove several pollutants from water bodies. The consortium is almost closed and they are looking for an SME (non-Spanish) manufacturer of medical imaging agents and pharmaceuticals.

Type de partenariat : Research cooperation agreement

d'origine : Royaume-Uni
mise à jour : 14 jan 2015
Demande de développement de recherche
H2020-PHC-15-2015 Regenerative medicine project seeks clinician dermatologist with expertise in treatment of scar tissue complications.
A UK SME is seeking a hospital clinician in the EU in order to complete its consortium and submit a proposal for the regenerative medicine personalised healthcare call. The project will test the efficacy of a treatment for restrictive scar contractures on patients and so is seeking a hospital clinician dermatologist with experience in treating scar tissue complications as well as access to as many as 50 suitable subjects.

Type de partenariat : Research Cooperation Agreement

d'origine : France
mise à jour : 16 déc 2014
Demande de développement de recherche
EuroTransBio (ETB) partner search - Oral administration of Heparin
A French research centre, with expertise of diabete treatment, is looking for SMEs partners with experience in the field of coagulation and antithrombotic blood factors, Low Molecular Weight Heparins (LMWH) for a EuroTransBio (ETB) project. The objective is to develop a system allowing the oral administration of Heparin, based on the experiences acquired in the development of oral insulin and the know-how of in vitro and in vivo models to evaluate drugs biodisponibility and toxicity.

Type de partenariat : Research Cooperation Agreement

d'origine : Italie
mise à jour : 10 jui 2014
Demande de développement de recherche
PS-HCO-13-2015- Induction and characterisation of abiotic stresses in medicinal plants as a stimulus for the biosynthesis of plant compounds with pharmacological activity for the treatment of metabolic syndrome.
An Italian University seek medical and pharmacological partner for a project aimed at evaluating the dietary pharmacological properties of essential oils extracted for example from Melissa officinalis, Salvia fruticosa, Helichrysum italicum Don, Artemisia princeps Pamp, Cistus populifolius Mill, Punica granatum and Olea europea, in conditions of abiotic stress, with a view to health promotion and disease prevention

Type de partenariat : Research Cooperation Agreement

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