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d'origine : Grèce
mise à jour : 17 oct 2016
Offre de technologie
24/7 automated outdoor pickup station for parcel and perishables
A Greek SME with specialization in logistics and engineering has developed an automated outdoor pickup station. The pickup station helps carriers and online retailers, who want to offer alternative delivery options, by reducing delivery cost and providing a secure and convenient option for the end-user’s orders. The company is looking for a joint venture agreement with a courier company or an online retailer with own delivery operations for piloting the station.

Type de partenariat : Joint venture agreement

d'origine : Lituanie
mise à jour : 13 jun 2016
Offre de technologie
Lithuanian company offers an innovative technology for a "last mile" delivery system
A Lithuanian company is replacing couriers with robots for fewer failed deliveries and greater profitability. The company creates robots which have as their main function delivery of parcels from point A to point B without human involvement, in towns and cities. Early users for this innovative service are sought among local and nationwide delivery companies, transport and logistics firms, for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Type de partenariat : Commercial agreement with technical assistance

d'origine : Russie
mise à jour : 15 mar 2016
Offre de technologie
Technology of development of self- flying drones with varying aerodynamic circuit.
A Russian company from Novosibirsk has developed a technology of development of high-speed unmanned aerial vehicles and intelligent systems management. The devices can be used to deliver small cargo, monitor objects, photograph and videotape. In contrast to existing devices they don’t need a special runway, are also low energy consumption. The company is interested in technical cooperation with a partner to develop the aerial vehicle for the specific use.

Type de partenariat : Technical cooperation agreement

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