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d'origine : France
mise à jour : 23 jan 2017
Offre de technologie
Ultra high pressure water asbestos removing device and decontamination of concrete area
A French SME active in the field of development of asbestos removing devices has developed a new system based on ultra high pressure water technology, which avoids extreme confinement of the rooms. It is looking for a supplier of ultra high pressure water pumps or full units which would be able to produce, assemble and commercialize this device under licence and manufacturing agreements.

Type de partenariat : License agreement, Manufacturing agreement

d'origine : Espagne
mise à jour : 1 déc 2016
Offre de technologie
Machine-to-cloud management system of distributed heterogeneous devices
A Spanish university research group has developed a Cloud based system which improves remote control processes of different kind of devices geographically spread. Its main advantage lies in the independence between application layer and remote-controlled devices regardless of their nature and scope. The technology can be applied in sectors that need monitor and control a wide fleet of devices. Companies interested in license agreement, commercial or technical cooperation are sought.

Type de partenariat : License agreement, Technical cooperation agreement, Research cooperation agreement

d'origine : Luxembourg
mise à jour : 6 aoû 2015
Offre de technologie
Industrial partner with advanced metalwork capabilities sought for high-potential joint venture
A quickly growing start-up in Luxembourg has developed and patented an innovative electric linear actuator, used to generate vibrations of continuously adjustable stroke and frequency. This actuator can be used in a wide range of applications and industrial sectors, and thus has an massive market potential. The start-up is seeking to create a joint venture with a bigger industrial partner, to build and market this actuator on a large scale.

Type de partenariat : Joint venture agreement

d'origine : Grèce
mise à jour : 6 jui 2015
Offre de technologie
Constant resistance spring technology for the enhancement of weight-lifting machines
A Greek company, active in the field of scientific instruments, has developed a technology which can be used for the production of more efficient and inexpensive weight lifting exercise machines. The company is interested in establishing partnership with a firm producing sports equipment for a commercial agreement with technical assistance. Also, it would be interested in collaborating with a university or an R&D institution for a research cooperation agreement.

Type de partenariat : Commercial agreement with technical assistance, Research cooperation agreement

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