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d'origine : Croatie
mise à jour : 1 sep 2017
Demande de développement de recherche
Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia partner search: Partners sought for the development and application of an on line system for tracking sports events
A Croatian company develops an online platform that supports the resultant and informative tracking of all sports in all categories, regardless of popularity, is looking for Hungarian partners with whom to prepare and submit a project proposal financed within the Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia Cooperation Program 2014-2020. The company is interested in finding partners working in the fields of sport, logistic, Internet of Things interested in joining the proposal.

Type de partenariat : Research cooperation agreement

d'origine : Royaume-Uni
mise à jour : 3 sep 2015
Demande de développement de recherche
INTERREG VA FCE Priority 3, Seeking local tourism/fisheries in Nord Pas De Calais and/or Normandie to join funding bid to develop new tourism model in support of small-scale fishing (SSF)
A UK university is part of a consortium applying for INTERREG (Inter-regional) funding to develop a new model of promoting the value of small-scale fishing (SSF) in coastal communities, where the practice is under-exploited by urban planning, and tourism and fisheries management. They are seeking French businesses, specifically from the regions of Nord Pas De Calais and Normandie with expertise in tourism or with links to local SSF, to join the bid and help develop this new community model.

Type de partenariat : Research cooperation agreement

d'origine : Allemagne
mise à jour : 26 nov 2014
Demande de développement de recherche
Cosme project: development of culinary tourism products
A German company intends to submit a proposal under COS-TFLOWS-2014-3-15: Facilitating EU transnational tourism flows for seniors and young people in the low and medium seasons, and is looking for two more partners (SME, senior organisation) to complete the consortium. The overall goal is to develop and market culinary tourism products (multi day tours) for senior citizens to enhance low season tourism in rural European areas.

Type de partenariat : Research Cooperation Agreement

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