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d'origine : Russie
mise à jour : 17 mar 2017
Offre d’affaires
Russian leading recruitment agency offers its services under services agreement.
A Russian company from Moscow, engaged in the qualitative selection of personnel from any field of activity and possessing a huge database of data and a network of partners, offers to foreign stakeholders the services of searching and recruiting personnel in Russia under services agreement.

Type de partenariat : Services agreement

d'origine : Royaume-Uni
mise à jour : 20 jan 2016
Offre d’affaires
A UK company with a revolutionary product for surface cleaning and disinfection seeks distributors.
The founders of this UK company have a background of cleaning large NHS (National Health Service) hospitals, with an understanding of both the cleaning standards required to minimise hospital infections and the limitations of staff. They have developed a revolutionary cleaning product for all hospital areas. Currently the product is only being marketed in the UK, but it does have global patent protection and the company is looking for partners to both sell and distribute the product.

Type de partenariat : Distribution services agreement

d'origine : Lituanie
mise à jour : 8 jui 2015
Offre d’affaires
Lithuanian company specialized in construction works is offering its services to Scandinavian companies
Lithuanian company is operating in staff leasing for constructions and manufacturing works and is looking for partners in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark to offer its services. The company is offering reciprocal production, manufacturing service or subcontracting agreements.

Type de partenariat : Manufacturing agreement, Subcontracting, Reciprocal production

d'origine : France
mise à jour : 26 aoû 2014
Offre d’affaires
French company specialised in home services offers franchise
French company specialised in home services such as house cleaning, babysitting and gardening is looking for other european companies from UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain which are also specialised in home services to join their franchise network. In this way the company offers franchise and joint venture possibilities for the interested and potential partners.

Type de partenariat : Joint Venture Agreement

d'origine : Suède
mise à jour : 18 aoû 2014
Demande d’affaires
Swedish e-tailer of underwear is looking for new manufacturers of underwear
A Swedish company who is selling branded underwear on their web store is looking to extend their portfolio with an own brand for male underwear. They are now looking for manufacturers who can help them produce their new clothing line of male underwear. Subcontracting agreements are sought with the right suppliers. The company is interested in suppliers from Hungary, Turkey, Italy and Portugal.

Type de partenariat : Subcontracting

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