The Enterprise Canada Network (“ECN”) is an industry-led single window platform that connects Canadian small businesses and researchers to qualified global opportunities, facilitates international partnerships and creates trade through access to public and private sector resources.


What can ECN do for you? 

Access to Global Opportunities

ECN allows Canadians to easily identify and connect to new global business, technology and research partners. Registered users have access to ECN’s core match-making services, including the ability to:

1. Search Canadian and international open opportunities and view abstracts organized by industry sector, market and technology;

2. Find new opportunities through Opportunity Matching Alerts based on your product/service, technology, or research preferences delivered right to your email in-box;

3. Connect to Qualified Leads and receive assistance from ECN staff to further qualify prospective partners and facilitate introductions;

4. Receive advance notice on sector specific incoming, outgoing and virtual trade and innovation events and missions; 

5. Post a profile about your business or technology. ECN can promote a user’s opportunity profile to Canadian and international industry/research players and connect user’s to qualified interested parties; exposure can be broad or restricted to specific countries or types of partners; and

6. Post calls for research proposals to raise broad awareness about needed expertise or join an international R&D consortium.

Access to Support

In addition, ECN is your single-window entry point to all Canadian trade and export support programs and publications. Visit our Export Assistance Navigator and our Publications search engine for more information.

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The ECN Project: Our Vision


ECN and the ECN Service is operated by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters ("CME"). CME founded ECN in 2013 as a means to bring public and private sector organizations together around a vision of creating a single-window platform that supports the global ambitions of Canadian exporters, technology providers and researchers.

CME is Canada’s largest trade and industry association, and has been the voice of manufacturing and global business in Canada for over 140 years. CME’s mission is to help Canadian manufacturers and exporters compete and win in domestic and global markets by leveraging its leadership, expertise, connections, and the strengths of its network.

ECN is an open platform to all Canadian businesses and researchers, and is not exclusive to the membership of any one organization, including CME. For more information about CME, please visit the following link.

For more information about how ECN works, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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