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Export IQ is an education platform designed to empower Canadian businesses with export knowledge and intelligence critical to competing and growing in global markets. 

Export IQ showcases information on the latest export topics and international business opportunities and is delivered through conference calls, webinars and workshops.

2016-2017 Season

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) is pleased to announce its upcoming line-up of Export IQ Seminars for the fall of 2015. Once again, CME has assembled first class webinars covering the latest developments in international markets, critical intelligence on business opportunities and tips on expanding your business, minimizing risk and profiting globally.

In addition to the Export IQ Webinars, CME is launching Lunch & Learn sessions. CME's Export IQ Lunch & Learn is an educational and networking session in a small group setting. Each session provides Canadian businesses with expert knowledge and intelligence key to competing and growing in global markets. These sessions will take place at CME's offices and will give you the opportunity to meet local experts in person.

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Upcoming seminars:

 Webinar: Éviter les erreurs typiques du commerce international

Des erreurs mineures peuvent vous coûter des milliers de dollars en temps, en cout de personnel et de planification d'entreprise lorsqu'il vient à l'exportation. Qu'il s'agit de remplir des documents à la frontière ou de gérer des agents de vente à l’étranger, il est important d'être bien équipé en connaissance d'exportation. Participer à ce webinaire sur les principes de base de l'exportation afin d’éviter ces erreurs.

 Présentateur: Pierre-Alexandre Lenoir, MBA 

 12 pm ET, jeudi 26 mai

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Webinar: How Secure is your Business-Keys to a Successful Vulnerability Assessment 

When businesses decide to move operations to foreign countries, or purchase foreign ventures, at times a properly developed Threat Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) is an afterthought. The lack of a proper TVA will expose a company's new operations to physical security threats or asset pilfering, as well as to non-tangible threats. TVAs and Area Assessments are key to properly identifying these vulnerabilities and developing contingencies to mitigate these threats and/or exposures. 

Expert: Art Garffer, Operations Director – Latin America, AFIMAC

11 am ET, Wednesday June 8th, 2016
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Webinar: Financement du commerce à l’international : les lignes directrices

• Les principaux outils du commerce international
• Gestion du risque
• Termes et particularités des paiements à l’international
• Instruments financiers utilisés durant la transaction
Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les lignes directrices de l’exportation : les sources de risques, les taux de change, les modes de paiement, le financement et bien plus! .

Présentateur: Pierre-Alexandre Lenoir, MBA 

mar 21 juin, 2016 - 11:00
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If you are interested in a specific market/subject/topic, for future Webinars/Lunch & Learn sessions, please send your suggestions to Stephanie Lessard. We will do our best to have your subject covered. 

If you would like to be an expert on a webinar or during a Lunch & Learn session, please contact Stephanie Lessard at stephanie.lessard@cme-mec.ca 


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