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Reach your customers wherever they may be, on time and with fewer surprises. Across all industries, our expertise can help you stay in compliance with trade regulations and find efficiencies with international shipping.

UPS Tools and Solutions – with you every step of the way

• Step 1. What are you shipping?

With UPS TradeAbility® tools you can determine: Landed Cost, Harmonized Codes and more.

• Step 2. Where are you shipping to?

Find country-specific facts and regulations that may affect your international shipment

• Step 3. Choose your speed.

Learn about UPS international shipping services.

Use the UPS Shipping Calculator to find the speed that’s right for you.

• Step 4. Prepare your shipment.

Export Documentation: UPS uses your import and export documents to declare properly your shipment

Packaging Guidelines: Follow a few simple steps to prepare your package or freight for shipment.

Shipping Supplies: Many UPS packaging options are provided free of charge to UPS account holders.

• Step 5. Are you ready to ship?

Create a shipment

Reaching International Markets 

The global economy is changing and opportunity for your company exists in markets that you might not have considered. Over the next 15 years, 80% of the world's economic growth is projected to come from outside of North America and Europe. Growth will come from a new middle class of customers that are ready to buy your products. UPS can get  you there. Our global network helps you reach more than 220 countries and territories at the speed you need while balancing deadlines with budgets. Is your business ready to grow?

                 ups_video.jpg   Watch the video here

E-commerce for International Growth

        • E-commerce has grown exponentially. It's going to keep growing – and fast.

        With all the opportunity comes competition. Retailers (both brick-and-mortar and e-tailers) must         create a user-friendly, differentiated online shopping experience to get more of the growing pie.

        But how? UPS commissioned comScore completed a survey of online shoppers.                                     UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper provides insights that cover pre-purchase, checkout and post-         purchase – and identify ways retailers can increase sales by improving the customer experience.

                 ups_survey.png Download:  The UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper™ Survey

         • Improve Customer Satisfaction Online with The UPS Developer Kit

        Designed to improve your company's efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility, these Application                     Programming Interfaces (APIs) let you integrate our technology into your existing business                   systems or website.

        Your customers will be able to estimate shipping costs when ordering, find the most convenient         location for delivery, track their packages on your website and more!

         Click here to learn more about The UPS Developer Kit

Global Reads and Resources




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 How to Break Down International Border Barriers
 Insights to help make going global easier


  Real Businesses Going Global

       •The business case for exporting – and to more than one country – is clear. More than 70 percent        of the world’s purchasing power is located outside of the United States, reports the U.S.                          Commercial Service. Global business is complex, it’s important to bring in experts who know how        to handle duties to where you’re shipping.



  Learn how one company took their business to over           25 countries.
   Watch the Pur Gum video case study here


                • UPS can help your business when going global, no matter it’s size.                                                                       Check out success stories of Canadian small businesses



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