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Turkish medical hotel offers physiotherapy, rehabilitation, health, spa and beauty services especially to seniors and disabled people and is looking for tour operators and travel agencies to cooperate with.

Opportunity Reference #: BOTR20141104006


A Turkish company from Antalya has 27 years of expertise in medical sector. The company operates a hotel specially designed for medical tourism and offers various health services including rehabilitation, physiotherapy, weight-loss treatment, odontotherapy, beauty and spa centre. It looks for tour operators and/or travel agencies to cooperate with in order to promote its health services. The partners are expected to act as the commercial agency of the hotel.


A Turkish company based in Antalya has expertise in health services. It was found in 1987 as a physiography centre and in 2009 the company established a new business venture in concept of medical hotel. In this hotel, the company offers three main services to its clients: Healthy life & holiday residence, beauty & spa centre and special health services (rehabilitation, sport activities, gym, etc.) especially for the elderly and the disabled.

The hotel is situated in a forest and well-integrated with the nature offering a healthy environment for the clients. The main health services of the hotel are physiotherapy, rehabilitation, cardiology, odontotherapy, ozonotherapy, weight-loss treatments, healthy diet trainings, etc. Besides health and accommodation services, the hotel offers other services such as health consultancy, seminars and trainings on health issues, mental and physical detox, sport activities, hobby garden, library, cinema house, café, bar, restaurant and live music. It is not obligatory to stay at the hotel in order to benefit from the health services. All the patients benefiting from the health services have physical and mental health control by the experts before the treatment. The team of health services consists of experienced doctors.

The hotel has 172 rooms and the company is already involved in transnational activities since over 50% of its clients are foreigners. The company looks for tour operators and/or travel agencies to cooperate in order to attract more tourists to the hotel for the purposes of medical tourism. The company offers commercial agency agreements to operators and agencies that can act as the trade intermediary of the hotel and promote the services provided by the hotel.

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