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Dutch developer of platforms creating intense sensation of movement for people suffering from neural ailments is looking for distributors and agents.

Opportunity Reference #: BONL20150629002


A Dutch SME developed a mechanical platform that creates multi-sensory passive movement. For people suffering from chronic neural ailments, sitting, lying or standing on the platforms enables them to enjoy an intense sensation of movement. A mix of authentic and therapeutic movements and vibrations is combined with movies providing sight and sound to the experience. The company wants to extend its presence in foreign countries and seeks distributors or agents for commercial cooperation.


A Dutch SME has developed a technology platform for passive movement combined with sight and sound aimed at rehabilitation, people with special needs and elderly. The effects of this technology are among others mental and physical relaxation, balance improvement, discriminative training, pain relieve, body awareness and improvement of vital functions.

Starting out from the principles of hippotherapy (horseback riding) the company designed a robot horseback as a safe, low cost in-house alternative for clients with special needs. Sitting on a structure resembling a horses back the user gets sensation of movement while watching a movie on a big screen providing images of horseback riding outdoors. The user undergoes a mix of authentic and therapeutic movements and vibrations generated by the platform moving in perfect synchronization with the movie and sound. This has a relaxing effect on for instance spasm, stimulates at the same time the balance and has many other positive effects on the wellbeing.

This technology has been adapted for passive movement for a wider range of users standing or sitting (either in their own wheelchair or on a stool) on a small platform. Users suffering from chronic neural ailment and the elderly are provided with an intense sensation of movement.

Some examples of the different types of platforms:
- A balancer used for sitting, supported standing and freestanding clients is mainly intended for the rehab and physiotherapy practices for clients who are suffering amongst other from (partial) spinal cord injuries, Cerebro Vasculair Accident.(CVA), Multiple sclerose (MS), Parkinson, Alzheimer and burn-outs.
- A senior lounger seat is designed for the elderly who need movement in order to stay mobile and who are looking for an alternative way to work out.
- A wheelchair stage is designed to fit most wheelchairs on it. A ramp facilitates to drive the wheelchair on the stage and fixation is easy.

A wide variety of experiences are available: driving motorcycles, dancing, walking, jet ski, floating, snowboarding or a walk in a zoo or strolling along the sea . The system is easy to use after selecting a movie on a touchscreen, the intensity of the movements and vibrations are displayed on the selection screen and can be adapted according to the user’s needs.

The technology is installed at care homes in the Netherlands. Patients with spinal cord injuries, people with special needs and elderly people using this technology up to 3 times a week for 20 minutes are evidently fitter more relaxed, sleep better and improve their balance. Patients are also known to increase their ability to stand up for transfer from their wheelchair to another chair or bed. For most patients this technology relaxes spasms and one patient has decreased spasm control medication by 50%.

During the development the company has worked closely with movement and music therapists. A Scientific Advisory Board including 9 full and 2 assistant professors with neurologic, geriatric and movement expertizes supports ongoing research and development. The platforms are CE approved medical devices and the efficacy of the platforms has been tested and evaluated both in practice and in studies effectuated by launching customers. The company supports pilot studies and clinical trials that can improve the efficacy and evidence base of system. The system is in use mainly in The Netherland and Middle East. The robust platform needs little maintenance and updates of the movies are provided on-line.

To extend its presence in foreign markets the company is looking for commercial cooperation with agents and distributors. The partner should have good contacts with care homes for people with special needs or the elderly.

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