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Seeking distributors of a rehabilitation serious game platform for the elderly

Opportunity Reference #: BOFR20150804001


A French company that has conceived and launched a rehabilitation serious game platform specifically intended for the elderly is looking for distributors. Based on the motion capture technology for interaction with the user, the platform comprises fun exercises developed in close cooperation with expert physicians and physiotherapists. It can be used in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and senior residences as well as at home, by private customers (on a computer).


This French company has conceived and developed a rehabilitation serious-game platform specifically designed for the elderly.
Intuitive and easy to use, the platform offers a series of fun exercises - developed by physiotherapists and expert physicians - for the upper and lower body, for balance, force, endurance and limb coordination improvement.
Through various modules, each dedicated to a different pathology or user profile, the platform enables creating tailor-made sessions to address the patient's specific needs and condition in order to achieve recovery or prevention of motor disorders.
The company's clients are mainly nursing homes, rehabilitation clinics and senior residences but the platform can also be used at home (accessible on a computer terminal).
The system is marketed via software licensing where customers pay a monthly subscription and may choose to have access to:
- the platform only (including future updates) or
- the platform and required material (computer, screen, projector and accessories).
The company is looking for distributors to develop its sales in Europe.

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