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South Korean manufacturer of eco-friendly micro bubble showers seeks distributors or agents in Europe

Opportunity Reference #: BOKR20160705002


A South Korean company founded in 2004, is specialised in the manufacture of special micro-bubble showers and related products, which can be used for all types of sensitive skin. They are looking for agents and distributors in Europe, selling the the household electronics sectors, or to suppliers of bathroom fittings.


Established in 2004, the company has invented micro bubble shower products few years ago and looking forward to establish distribution service or commercial agent agreement with potential partners.

Their micro bubble shower products applies not only to home life appliance but also to beauty and health field for skin care management of all range of age. It helps particularly for woman to perfectly clean up all residual cosmetic and chemical detergent on skin and for people who sweat a lot. The products are intent to care sebum, hair loss, dandruff, eczema itchiness and sterilization effect on foot. It removes rust, residual chlorine, metal ion and floating matters as well. With non-chemical pure water properties through micro-bubble shower, all types of skin wall get much stronger, healthier and moisturized. Compared to general shower products, their micro bubble shower has higher technology for moisturizing all types of sensitive skins.

With micro bubble products, the company would like to establish flexible business relationship with partner and to introduce the convenient micro bubble shower products for home life. Also, they would like to supply the highly qualified micro bubble shower and spray for kitchen sink and to make satisfied for the customers.

On behalf of the environmental business sector, the company has developed many innovative eco-friendly products for home life and supported other company brand to provide micro bubbles for skin health; these products have been successfully launched to Korea, Japan, China and other countries.

Micro bubble products have been patented over 141 countries including USA. These products generate micro bubbles to improve skin issues as proven in clinical studies. The company has sold more than 300,000 units of products and received the highest rate of performance test in Japan who has outstanding technology in micro bubble development and application.

The company is planning to continue for growth and expansion of businesses, and moving forward through R&D activities in eco-friendly sectors to contribute into bigger society.

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