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UK specialist in sluice/dirty utility room solutions seeks partners for distribution, services and franchise agreements

Opportunity Reference #: BOUK20151012004


Established UK company specialised in infection control equipment for sluice/dirty utility room applications seeks distribution or franchise agreements with partners operating in the health, care home and special needs education sectors for its hands free range of medical pulp and incontinence product macerators as well as bedpan washer disinfectors. The company also seeks partners in the hospital design and construction industry who require sluice room design services.


The company focuses exclusively on infection control for sluice/dirty utility room solutions and has established a reputation as the UK leader in this area providing equipment, servicing, training, design services and antimicrobial consumables to hospitals, care homes, hospices and special needs schools. The company's products and services are all designed to minimise infection risks and exceed Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI) policies.
The company manufactures patented hands free single use pulp macerators, incontinence product macerators fitted with special cutting technology and bedpan washer disinfectors.
Macerators provide an environmentally friendly, hygienic, cost effective and energy efficient solution for the disposal of single use pulp products, sanitary products and nappies. The machines reduce solid waste going to landfill which contributes to EU landfill targets.
The hands free system, automatic disinfecting rinse facility and microbe safe surface coating significantly help to control and reduce infection.
The company's experienced design team work closely to ensure contractors incorporate sluice/dirty utility rooms into hospitals that will reduce the risk of cross contamination and exceed HCAI policies.
The company has a range of stainless steel sluice room equipment and consumable cleaning products which are effective against 99.9 % of infections such as MRSA (Meticillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus).
The company seeks distributors for its extensive innovative product range.
The company provide a full maintenance and servicing service through a team of highly experienced field engineers. Partners interested in franchise agreements using the UK established brand and replicating the current business model are also sought. Design services are offered to industrial partners involved in hospital construction and redevelopment.

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