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A Korean SME is looking for a distributor or value added reseller for their handheld healthcare microscopy diagnostic device and auto focus digital embedded solutions

Opportunity Reference #: BOKR20161205001


A Korean SME offers a healthcare microscopy solution that matches various technical requirements. This product can be applied to skin-care, scalp, ear, nose, throat, iris and dental sector and offers optional versatile end caps which are interchangeable. The company would like to find a business partner who wants to be a regional distributor. Commercial agent or value added reseller is considered.


A Korean company has developed an electronic device comprising of autofocus digital microscope. The first outset of digital microscopy device adopts autofocus liquid lens technology for the first time in the world. It helps users easily get a wider range of magnification for between x10 to x250 without using focus wheel control. Also, this product supports the four steps of magnification phase: x40, x100, x180 and x250. It works in a hybrid mode, combining optical and digital microscopy performance.

In addition, it features the specialty of fast auto focus at less 50ms(0.5 sec~1sec). Unlike typical digital microscopes, this product does not use conventional technique of setting crossed polarized illumination to get the precise control of focus. This product makes it by its own way of digital polarizing software based on in-house ISP (Image Signal Processing) technology.

This product can be used in a large number of applications, ranging from simple inspection or observation of a sample, to documentation, and even enhanced applications where accurate measurements are necessary, ideally for quality control and quality assurance activity in virtually every field of industry: PCB, SMT assembly, components, ingredient, machinery, metal, engines, textile, jewels and much more.

Specially, this product is suitable for skin care, scalp, ear, nose, throat, iris and dental sector. It offers optional versatile end caps, which are interchangeable, best optimized for dermato-scope, scalp-scope, dental-scope, iris-scope, otoscope and thermometer. It offers UVC(USB video class) function which connects with computer, smart phone and tablet PC) using USB.

This product includes unique design and different LED(Light Emitting Diode)-lighting performance that are independently designed as each particular purpose of end cap

This company is expecting to enter a European market with a European business partner that is interested in distribution or selling the product available for commercial agency or valued added reseller.

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