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A Polish of alternative pressure mattresses is looking for distributors or sales agents.

Opportunity Reference #: BOPL20161208008


A Polish company specializes in the manufacturing of products to improve the comfort of the sick and disabled users, such as anti-bedsore mattresses and other rehabilitation equipment using the latest available technology. The company seeks foreign distributors or sales agents with experience in distribution of similar products.


The Polish company has been operating on the Polish medical market for more that 20 years. It has a modern factory in Warsaw and owing to its large research base occupies a significant position in the manufacture of such medical products various type of as anti-bedsore mattresses, sitting cushions, sleeping cushions, pressure prevention bed pads and rehabilitation equipment using the latest available technology.
The primary objective of the company is to improve the comfort of living of the sick and disabled users of its products and set new, better technical and quality standards on the Polish market.
The company’s therapeutic mattresses have the following characterizes:
- intended for persons requiring long-term treatment.
- the cycle time copies the natural sleeping patterns and helps to reduce the pressure on the soft tissue.
- two sections of independent chambers alternately fill up with air or release the air in twelve-minute cycles effectively redistributing the pressure.
- a system of micro-ventilation and optimal air circulation reduces skin perspiration.

The mattress is equipped with a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) valve enabling the quick deflation of the mattress in case of emergency. is comfortable for the user, constitutes an effective way to reduce the risk of bedsores and helps in treating of stage II bedsores.

Since the company whants to enter The EU's market, it is looking for partners to cooperate under distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement. Experience in the industry and established contacts with medical wholesalers, specialist medical shops, hospitals and clinics as well as elderly care homes, will be required from potential distributors or sales agents.

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