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Origin: Germany
Updated: Sep 8 2017
Business Offer
German mixing robot for e-liquids for electronic cigarettes is offered for trade intermediary services
A German company specialised in e-liquids for electronic cigarettes has developed a mixing robot for e-liquids. The e-liquid mixing machine is made in Germany and produces individual liquid mixtures for e-cigarettes. Consumers might directly configure their desired mixtures online. Partners for commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements are sought. Exclusive agreements are negotiable.

Type of partnership: Distribution services agreement, Commercial agency agreement

Origin: United Kingdom
Updated: Jul 16 2015
Business Offer
UK product design company with expertise in electronic smoking device development offers subcontracting services
A small UK SME offers product engineering and product development services in the area of alternative smoking devices. Their expertise is specifically in the design of devices which are acceptable to users, and effectively achieve vaporisation of commercially available liquids for alternative smoking devices (electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes). The company offers their services to industrial partners through subcontracting agreements.

Type of partnership: Subcontracting

Origin: Portugal
Updated: Jul 9 2015
Business Request
Portuguese company is looking for manufactured tobacco (cigarette)
Portuguese company from the tobacco industry intends to operate at a global level with a bonded warehouse duly authorized. The Portuguese company is specialized in tobacco and its related products and is looking for partners in Europe that are interested in establish future long term business relationship. The company seeks cigarettes (manufactured tobacco) and is searching for entities that could produce tobacco through manufacturing agreement or subcontracting under certain requirements

Type of partnership: Subcontracting

Origin: Malta
Updated: May 4 2015
Business Offer
Maltese company active in various sectors is looking for: trade intermediaries for sales of cigars; companies that require injection moulding facilities and precision engineering services; and companies that seek cold storage facilities in Malta.
Maltese SME active in the manufacturing of cigars, as well as engineering and manufacturing of precision metal parts on CNC machinery, is looking for partners for the following activities: 1) Companies requiring injection moulding facilities and precision engineering services 2) Partners who wish to act as trade intermediaries for the Maltese SME's range of cigars 3) Companies seeking services of cold storage facilities in Malta

Type of partnership: Services agreement, Distribution services agreement, Subcontracting, Commercial agency agreement

Origin: Bulgaria
Updated: Sep 16 2014
Business Offer
A Bulgarian company processing tobacco is looking for distributors of its product
A Bulgarian company producing semi-finished tobacco for production of cigarettes is looking for distributors in order to expand their market.

Type of partnership: Distribution Services Agreement

Origin: Poland
Updated: Jul 3 2014
Business Request
Polish manufacturer is searching for suppliers of materials for production of tobacco products
A Polish medium-size company specializing in production and sales of cigarettes, tobacco for water pipes and accessories for smoking is looking for suppliers of materials used for manufacture of the company's products.

Type of partnership: Manufacturing Agreement

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