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Origin: Hungary
Updated: Sep 29 2016
Research Development Request
INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme: a Hungarian cluster is looking for municipalities, development agencies, universities, urban planning institutions to promote hemp products in the Danube Region
The project under INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme, coordinated by the Hungarian cluster, aims to revivify the value chain of hemp production from primary production to marketing and tourism related to hemp in the Danube region. They are looking for various public actors to join the consortium to deliver strategy development, marketing activities, capacity building.

Type of partnership: Research cooperation agreement

Origin: France
Updated: Feb 17 2015
Research Development Request
H2020 - NMP 22 CALL - Industrial supplier for advanced fibre-based materials
A French Research Center, specialized in research and development around concrete and its applications, and its European partners are looking for a company supplying advanced fibre-based materials able to convert thermal energy into electricity in order to participate in a collaborative project targeting the 2015-NMP-22 call for proposal.

Type of partnership: Research Cooperation Agreement

Origin: Turkey
Updated: Sep 29 2014
Research Development Request
COS–WP 2014-3-04 - Cluster Excellence Programme: Cluster organizations in ready made garment and apparel are sought.
A Turkish association active in ready made garment and apparel industry is preparing a proposal, which is to be submitted to Cluster Excellence Programme under COSME to enhance the cluster management capacity of the companies in the related sector. The association is looking for at least 2 cluster organizations active in ready made garment and apparel industry to complete the consortium.

Type of partnership: Research Cooperation Agreement

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