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Origin: Italy
Updated: Dec 8 2016
Technology Offer
An Italian «retro-innovation»: darkroom printing from digital photographies
An Italian professional photographer has invented a technology, the «digital enlarger», to obtain high quality black and white photo printing from digital files, in the classic darkroom. The entire printing cycle is hand-made. The technology is useful for professional and amateur photographers, collectors as well as museums, archives, libraries and photo archives of all kind. The inventor looks for partners under services agreement.

Type of partnership: Services agreement

Origin: Spain
Updated: Mar 15 2016
Technology Offer
Long Read-Range UHF-RFID Tags for Optical Discs
A Spanish research center has developed tags to be mounted on optical discs by printing or implementing in the inlay by using global band ultra high frequency - radio-frequency identification (UHF-RFID). The devices with this technology solve malfunctioning issues caused by metallic objects. Companies of optical devices manufacturing for manufacturing and/or development (via license agreement) are sought.

Type of partnership: License agreement, Manufacturing agreement

Origin: Poland
Updated: May 28 2015
Technology Request
Technology production for labels designated for high altitude environments
A Polish company specialized in the production of various type of labels for cosmetic and food products is looking for a technology allowing for a production of label for high altitude mountain climbing food products. A Polish company is interested in technical cooperation agreement.

Type of partnership: Technical cooperation agreement

Origin: South Korea
Updated: Apr 15 2015
Technology Offer
Custom-made shoes manufacturing system using a 3D printer and a 3D scanner
A Korean SME has developed a custom-made shoes manufacturing system which consists of a 3D scanner, the Internet which controls the transmission and receiving of data, and a 3D printer. This innovative technology can replace a conventional manufacturing process of shoes. The price and time for making a shoe will be reduced dramatically. The firm is seeking a partner for a licensing agreement, technical cooperation, joint venture, manufacturing agreement, or financial resources.

Type of partnership: License agreement, Financial agreement, Manufacturing agreement, Technical cooperation agreement, Joint venture agreement

Origin: Belgium
Updated: Apr 13 2015
Technology Offer
Low Cost Printing digital images into laminated safety glass
A Flemish SME has developed a technology to introduce digital images into laminated safety glass. With the technology it is possible to produce high-quality and safe glass decoration in an eco-friendly manner and without large investments. They are looking for license agreements.

Type of partnership: License agreement

Origin: China
Updated: Jul 15 2014
Technology Request
Chinese company request advanced printing technologies
A Chinese company is looking for an overseas advanced printing technology research and development center or company for future cooperation on technology transfer and project incubation.The center or company required should have advanced technologies regarding on the fields of printing ink, printing equipment, printing management etc. They are interested in technical and research cooperation.

Type of partnership: Technical cooperation agreement

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