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Origin: Germany
Updated: Jun 20 2016
Research Development Request
Reducing non-linear distortion in loudspeakers
A German R&D performing SME is preparing a European joint R&D proposal under the Eurostars program. The project is about creating an active loudspeaker that can compensate the nonlinear distortions in real-time. They are looking for one or two partners from SMEs that have expertise in producing loudspeakers and/or movement sensors. The proposal should be submitted by the end of August 2016 for the EUREKA EUROSTARS deadline (15 September 2016).

Type of partnership: Research cooperation agreement

Origin: Germany
Updated: Apr 16 2015
Research Development Request
PS-H2020-FTI Pilot-2015-1: Revolutionizing virtual storytelling for everyone
A German SME is looking for partners in order to submit a proposal within the upcoming Fast Track to Innovation Pilot call. The project targets at revolutionizing virtual storytelling for everyone using a unique production tool. The project should facilitate a cloud based version from demonstration stage to successful market roll-out. Partners with expertise in 3D animation, web based, modern and ergonomic user interface (UI) design are sought, carrying out 3D modelling or animation design task

Type of partnership: Research Cooperation Agreement

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