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Origin: Hungary
Updated: Apr 27 2017
Research Development Request
A Hungarian authority invites a coordinator and partners to join a project entitled “Spreading the use of innovative financing schemes in Central and Eastern Europe to finance energy efficiency” under the call H2020 EE23 – 2017 Innovative financing scheme
A Hungarian authority mandated to finance energy efficiency investments looks for a coordinator and participants with previous experience on the topic from Spain, Germany and Italy to join project under the call H2020 EE23 – 2017- “Innovative financing schemes”. The aim of the project is the replication of European practices on professional risk assessment of Energy Service Company [ESCO] & Energy Performance Certificate [EPC] projects based on technical and financial due diligence.

Type of partnership: Research cooperation agreement

Origin: Bulgaria
Updated: Jun 7 2016
Research Development Request
H2020 EE-25-2016: EU banks and energy saving companies sought for development and roll-out of innovative energy efficiency services
A Bulgarian SME in the area of Energy ?fficiency projects (EEP) together with a leading Bulgarian think-tank, prepares a proposal under the call H2020 EE-25-2016 for improvement and EU-wide roll-out of an innovative tool for evaluation and financing of EEP. The project is based on already developed financial tool for evaluation of EEPs. Partners sought are EU banks and ?nergy Service Companies/Energy Savings Companies to test and validate all functionalities of the tool and provide feedback.

Type of partnership: Research cooperation agreement

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