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Origin: South Korea
Updated: Apr 19 2017
Research Development Request
Eurostars2: Partners for a collaborative research project on human mood recognition system
A Korean SME specialized in software development is looking for partners to run the Eurostars2 project. The project is developing a human mood recognition system. It can make more reliable data and develop efficient marketing strategies. The SME is seeking universities/companies to cooperate in their research, working in psychology, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data analytics.

Type of partnership: Research cooperation agreement

Origin: Estonia
Updated: Jan 23 2017
Research Development Request
A Consortium coordinator is looking for partners for a H2020 call on nature-based solutions for inclusive urban regeneration
An Estonian NGO, who is currently in the process of creating a project Consortium, seeks to involve 1-2 frontrunner cities and at least 3 follower cities as well as respective local partners (e.g. industry partners, NGOs, SMEs and universities) to further develop a project idea for the H2020 call "Demonstrating innovative nature-based solutions in cities" (SCC-02-2016-2017), which focuses on issues of inclusive urban regeneration in 2017.

Type of partnership: Research cooperation agreement

Origin: Italy
Updated: May 4 2016
Research Development Request
Horizon 2020 - Fast Track to Innovation Pilot: energy service companies/industries needed to realise and auditing platform for global energy efficiency
The project coordinator is an Italian joint stock company providing energy efficiency services, energy management, smart metering and optimisation of electricity, gas and water consumption for building and industrial plants. The proposed project intends to develop an automatic energy auditing system, starting from the already implemented ETA (Energy Track & Audit) application, under Horizon 2020 - FTI Pilot call. The partner sought is an ESCO, trade association, company or public authority.

Type of partnership: Research cooperation agreement

Origin: Hungary
Updated: Jul 18 2014
Research Development Request
Urgent: FP7-SME-2013 SPABRINK running project - A novel advertising tool that can be printed and wiped off, while the ink itself can be reused for further printing
A Hungarian SME is looking for an SME participant to an existing project. The SME should have experience in mechanized outdoor advertising, manufacturing or ticket vending machine production. The project intends to develop a system that uses reusable ink for printing advertising billboards. The project has already commenced and is funded under FP7-SME-2013 Research for the Benefit of SMEs program. The indicative deadline of the application is 31/07/2014.

Type of partnership: Research Cooperation Agreement

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