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Origin: Slovakia
Updated: Jul 24 2015
Technology Offer
The static television screen system
An inventor from Slovakia active in the field of electric and power engineering research is offering a static television screen system suitable for TV producers. In contrast to the present light scanning screens, the viewer of the static TV screen receives a total and steady picture with full sharpness, contrast and intensity without any shimmering. Partners are sought for the development of further applications and to exploit the existing know-how (Licence agreements).

Type of partnership: License Agreement

Origin: Turkey
Updated: May 6 2015
Technology Offer
A microwave oven with rotation drums
A Turkish Academician has an invention which heats food volumetrically by electromagnetic radiation and microwave energy. The studies performed on microwave applications revealed that there are non-uniformities in temperature distribution and hot – cold spots developments inside foods. The academician is looking for license or commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Type of partnership: Manufacturing agreement, Commercial agreement with technical assistance

Origin: Germany
Updated: Mar 11 2015
Technology Offer
Analysis and assurance of sterility and hygiene
A German research and test laboratory offers special technologies for analysing products towards bakteria, fungi, mould and for hygienic safety of medical devices, disinfectants, and pharmaceutical products. It also supplies services for health care institutions and industrial operators. Main advantages are highly innovative testing methods developed in close r&d cooperation with academic researchers. The company is offering its testing know-how and technologies to SME, labs or R&D institutes.

Type of partnership: Commercial agreement with technical assistance

Origin: Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of
Updated: Jan 23 2015
Technology Offer
Novel abrasive cleaners for cookware and sanitary fixtures
A Macedonian inventor is offering a new type of abrasive cleaners for cookware and sanitary fixtures. The innovative aspect of this product is its shape that allows for more efficient cleaning of poorly accessible areas. The inventor is searching for producers of hygienic cleaners for license agreement and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Type of partnership: Commercial agreement with technical assistance

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