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Origin: France
Updated: Oct 12 2016
Technology Offer
License agreement for an antifreeze system designed for loop heat pipes and based on adsorption phenomena
A French Lab developed an antifreeze system for loop heat pipes. Their method consists of inserting a storage tank that may be coupled to the loop heat pipe. The tank is designed to adsorb the fluid during shutdown phases of the system and to desorb it during startup phases. The French Lab is looking for License or manufacturing agreement.

Type of partnership: License agreement, Manufacturing agreement

Origin: France
Updated: Jul 29 2016
Technology Offer
Zero energy consumption standby mode solution for electronic components
A French laboratory has developed a solution allowing remote switch-on of disconnected electronic devices in zero Watt standby mode, using a microwave beam. The technology is under patent and could be licensed. By removing the residual energy consumption for electronics devices in standby mode, at European Level, a saving of 14 million tons of CO2 emissions per year can be made. The laboratory is seeking agreements with new partners to license the use or for a technical/R&D cooperation.

Type of partnership: License agreement, Technical cooperation agreement, Research cooperation agreement

Origin: Slovakia
Updated: Jul 23 2014
Technology Offer
Web Technologies supporting direct participation in democratic processes
A Slovak university as co-ordinator of a European project has designed and developed a system providing effective, user-friendly and secure tools, working methods and support mechanisms to ensure efficient exchange of information between citizens and public administration institutions. The system supports new types of communication flows and services provided by public administration to citizens and businesses. They are looking for partners who would be interested in launching this system.

Type of partnership: License Agreement

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